Monday, January 30, 2012

Marauders 7-Packs: Mercenary, aka Mercer

The first figure that I am looking at from the BigBadToyStore exclusive GI Joe 7-Packs is Mercenary.  This character was known as Mercer in the 1987 Sgt. Slaughter's Renegades 3-pack that was released.  Mercer, along with the other two Renegades, was featured in the direct-to-TV feature, "GI Joe: The Movie" (which can be purchased at the Shout Factory Store.

This is a really nice figure.  Like other figures in the boxset, Mercer's parts are made from several other figures:
  • The torso, waist, and upper legs come from 2010's Shock Trooper.
  • The arms are from the Arctic Assault Storm Shadow from the Rise of Cobra line.
  • The lower legs and feet are from 2010's Zartan from the Pursuit of Cobra line.
Fortunately, the head sculpt is new and I love the scowl that he gives.

I have been out of the Joe-collecting hobby for a little while now, so I am extremely impressed with the assortment of accessories that come with these figures. 

I do like that the vest is removable and that the little knife actually fits into its sheath.

Overall, I am really enjoying this figure and enjoy this reintroduction into the GI Joe hobby.

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