Tuesday, January 31, 2012

GI Joe Marauders 7-Pack: Bull, aka Taurus

Now, I am going to take a look at Taurus.  First off, Taurus is the latest victim of the copyright bandit.  His new name is "Bull."  I'm not sure I like that name - reminds me too much of Night Court.  Oh well...

Anyways, Tau--, I mean, Bull is a part of the BigBadToyStore exclusive GI Joe Marauders 7-Pack.  Bull was originally seen in animated form in 1987's GI Joe: The Movie.  This movie can be purchased at the Shout Factory store.

My first introduction to Taurus actually came from the pages of Marvel's GI Joe Order of Battle issue 2.  This mini-series basically served as a way of showing all of the filecards in comic book form.  I remember getting this issue in December 1986, thinking that I would get to see the Joes that ended the alphabet.  Excited to (re)read the bios for Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, etc, I was extremely perplexed to see bios for Tunnel Rat, Outback, the three Sgt. Slaughter's Renegades and Rocky Balboa (!).  This was my first introduction to the ever-changing toy market that is still so prevalent today.

Like Mercer, Taurus reused parts from other figures:

  • The torso, waist and upper arms are from the Recondo from the Pursuit of Cobra line.
  • The lower arms and hands are from the Night Adder from the Rise of Cobra line.
  • The thighs are from the Comic Pack version of Ace.
  • The lower legs and feet are from Wild Bill from the Rise of Cobra line.
Fortunately, he does have a new head.

And a great headsculpt it is!

All in all, another great addition to my collection.  Highly recommended!!!

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